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At Metro United Karate, we’re all about helping you become a better, more confident student through constant support and feedback. Our Martial Arts and fitness programs are built for all ages and experience levels and offer a wide range of classes to help you find the best fit for your needs. In our Kids Martial Arts classes, we aim to serve students of all developmental levels by breaking into distinct work groups that work together through carefully designed instruction. As students grow over time, they transition in more and more advanced classes until they are well on their way to a Black Belt! The same goes for our adult programming (including the nation's best Fitness Kickboxing class) where you can start from the very beginning and work your way up to the highest levels of fitness.

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So many great things to say!!!! My boys enjoyed their experience at Metro United Karate. Mr. And Mrs. Allison are very dedicated individuals. The lesson was not only about Karate but respect as well hardwork. All of the children that received good grades were recognized for their efforts. Mr. And Mrs. Allison stress hardwork, good behavior, good grades.

Kenya M.

Great place for a child to grow and mature from a physical and mentally standpoint. My son just started over a month ago and his strides are amazing. I've seen my son grow in that short time-frame and now he's already involved in one-on-one sparring sessions. I want to take some time to explain what a blessing this school is to adults, our youth and the community. I would recommend Metro United Karate to anyone I come in contact with, because places like this need to be mentioned to the masses. The staff is excellent and attentive to the customers needs and questions.

Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Jim D.

Metro United Karate is great for the whole family. Excellent Program for kids and bringing skinny back for the adults. Awesome place!

Carol O.

My son just started But he is enjoying. It's good to watch your child learning new techniques. I'll enjoy watching him. Metro United Karate environment is clean and structured. Firm and friendly instructors with a life lesson to give to the children. I'm glad I made the investment

Ali R.

Great school! Great instructors!! No death grips yet,lol, but I'm still hopeful!!! Oh yeah and the kids have fun. Great investment in your child.

Eric G.

Metro United Karate has excellent programs such as the summer camp program along with the after school program, the instructors for the karate classes are respectful, encouraging, nice, enthusiastic, and always willing to push further to make the students successful they are always willing to stay and help students after class. I would highly recommend this martial arts studio as it is the best one around in the metro area.

Nicholas Z.

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