Bulldog Karate Team

Bulldog Karate Team

The Bulldog Karate Team Utilizes the tenants for martial arts to help cultivate area youth with ADD/ADHD, mild forms of autism, low income families and students with IEPs that need additional assistance. Increased focus, self-control, physical fitness outlets, confidence and goal setting are variables all students can benefit from.

Our program has graduated students with aspergers to black belt,intermediate rank students with down syndrome and a host of successful students with ADD/ADHD. In addition the Bulldog Karate Team sponsors our talented student base from Metro United Karate for sport karate events.

The development of healthy competition allows our students to test their skills in a fun, safe environment. Competitive members gain an opportunity to travel and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Currently the Bulldog Karate Team boast two children who are World Champions and a host of nationally rated competitors. Perhaps the largest component of the Bulldog Karate Team is the direct impact we have in the community.

Partnered with Metro United Karate, Livonia Kickboxing and area philanthropist we host the largest free karate workshop in the area, Karate in the Park. This endeavor teaches free karate to all kids, host anti-bully and human trafficking prevention workshops, offers fun games, gifts and activities plus serves as an area cookout for all in attendance.

Free programs such as this take place throughout the year whether its domestic violence awareness month, bully prevention month or fighting against breast cancer our doors are open! We’re able to host this programs for free or at low cost due to the generous contributions of our sponsors. Local businesses, philanthropist and fundraising efforts make this all possible. If you’re interested in giving to this cause please click the tab below. 

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